Target + Jumpsuits = L.O.V.E.

So…Target. How many of you absolutely love Target? If you don’t, I’ll judge you hardcore. Target has become a staple in my life and I do not know how I survived life comfortably before it. It is literally a one-stop-shop for all of life’s needs. Do you need a new air freshener? Target. Life crisis and you need ice cream? Target. Want to spend your entire check on amazing clothing and be the most fashionable crier in your city? Target. I honestly cannot express my love for Target enough. It has gotten so bad that I am actually not allowed to go by myself, which is fair. Recently, I discovered that I love jumpsuits (see my personal style blog where I featured a polka dot jumpsuit from ASOS). I decided to combine my two loves, Target and jumpsuits. Below I have 3 different jumpsuits that I adore and wanted to share with you all.Read More »

Mission: 1 Pair of Overalls, 4 Different Outfits

Did you ever think that overalls would come back in style with such a vengeance? I, for one, did not. But, honestly, I’m not complaining. Let’s be real, overalls are just a fancy pair of jeans with additional suspenders and an adorable little front pocket. But, there are so many ways to style overalls. You can wear them any way you want, dress them up or down just throw on a t-shirt and a cute pair of sneakers. I couldn’t resist joining the party and showing you all how I style my pair of overalls.Read More »