Jeans, Jeans, and More Jeans

So, everyone (male, female, and everything in between, is on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. In some cases, they are too long, too short, too loose, too tight, or just plain unflattering. Jeans are a staple in every wardrobe, one because they are so versatile, two because of …jeans. I absolutely love wearing jeans with so many different things. In the past few weeks, I have ordered 6 pairs of jeans from places I never ordered from before. But the purpose of this blog post is not just to show you guys a small portion of my jeans collection, but to give you guys tips on how to find the perfect pair of jeans.

First and foremost, identify the type of jeans that you would like to have. There are too many types of jeans, and each retailer names them differently. Examples of jeans: jeggings, straight leg, bell bottom, flared, skinny, extra skinny, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, JNCO, alright I’m done. I’m almost positive I missed a few, but you guys get the gist.

Second, for me, is determining the rise that I would like. For my body type, I concluded that its best to wear high waisted jeans. I am not a low rise person AT ALL. I want to have my tummy covered at all times!

Now we need to determine size. For every store I shop at, the sizing remains the same for me. I recommend that you get measured, especially for length purposes. I have seen quite a few people who are short and require a short jean but get the regular length. This causes bunching at the ankles because of all the extra fabric and tends to look a little unkempt. I will always order a short style of any jean because I’m only 5’3 ½ “. Tall people should order tall! We should not have a high-water moment unless that is the look you’re going for.

Continuing the sizing. Your jeans (unless meant to be loose) should fit like a church hug, in my opinion. A hug that’s meaningful yet not too hard. When you try your jeans on, you should be able to do all the usual things, like sitting. Ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about. We all have a pair of jeans that we can only stand-in. That is not okay! You should be able to squat in your jeans! Maximum comfort for 2020 guys, no more jeans that we can’t squat in. We can still do the tried and true “jump and shimmy,” but we should be able to sit! Also, your pockets should sit ON your butt, not too high above or below. If they lie low, they can make your butt look long! Ladies, you should also not have a super gap in the front of your pants.

Always, always try the pants on in the store. Usually, your sizing for a specific type of jeans will stay the same among stores. Check the stretch level and the measurements. You really cannot go wrong if you follow my advice. I have entirely perfected the jeans process for myself, and I thought I should share it with you all! Let me know if this works for you!


We Can Be Professional Too

As you guys know, I am currently in grad school, obtaining my master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology. Update on grad school, it’s tougher than I thought it would be but rewarding when I take meaningful classes. This winter, I decided to take an accelerated course, 3 weeks, 3 times a week, for almost 4 hours a day. Yeah, it was pretty brutal. But, the class or frequency of the course was not the issue. The professor was an opinionated, filterless older gentleman that definitely said a lot of questionable things for the duration of the class. One of his comments resonated with me and inspired this blog post. “I don’t hire bigger people for a certain position because they don’t look as professional when they are speaking to the public.” This sparked a comment from one of my more vocal classmates, “so, because someone is bigger, they can’t look professional?” He made no comment but sort of shook his head. 

Let me say this, I get that being “healthy” is a requirement for certain positions. In this case, the professor was referring to fire station chiefs. But I have seen bigger people who are incredibly healthy, their bodies are just bigger. I see heavier police officers who can still run and chase down criminals, it may be rare, but it happens. What does size have to do with looking professional? Do they not make professional clothing in plus sizes for men and women? Do we all look sloppy and unkempt? Is it impossible for a bigger person to deliver a message to the public about a traumatic situation and for them to be taken seriously? If someone is watching the news and the fire station chief is talking about a traumatic event, and the first thing that comes to mind is “why is this big person delivering this message?” then we have a bigger problem with society than I thought. 

As a bigger person, I need to showcase things like this. I took a very negative comment in my opinion and turned into a positive by giving you guys some professional looks. I did not go back and forth with this man because it wasn’t worth it. He would’ve caused me to come out of character, and I’m not doing that either. I also want to say, don’t let people like this professor ruin your confidence. It took me a long time to be confident with my body, and I stopped allowing comments to affect me in a more profound form. We are always going to get these comments, and it’s okay. Hold your heads high and walk forward like you own the whole building. As a young, black, plus-sized woman, I am always fighting for acceptance from all avenues. If I let every comment get to me, I probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, I would be in an unhealthy place mentally. Society will attempt to push their “norms” onto you and speak negatively about something, ANYTHING that they deem a deviation from that. Being too tall as a woman, too short as a man, too chubby, too skinny, too dark, too pale, too vocal, too independent, too young, too old, too intelligent, etc., people will find something to talk about. I’m fighting for my personal rights as a plus-sized woman for my body to be considered “beautiful” by society. It’s always going to be something, weed out the negative, and focus on the positive. Every form of beauty is essential in this world, how boring would it be if we were all the same.

Regarding professionalism, don’t even worry about this professor and his comments. Everyone can be professional if need be. I had a little fun with this though. I hope you guys enjoy my looks as much as I enjoyed taking these pictures. Oh, and HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! 

Floral paper bag pants, white high neck top, burgundy heels. Let me mention that most of these clothes are from Target. It doesn’t even cost that much to look professional! 

Mint colored suit (YASS favorite color), cream top, nude heels. I saw this suit and almost passed out, they had it in my size for one, but the color honey! 

Printed skirt, cropped sweater, nude heels. You guys are probably like, “We just saw this skirt!” You’re right! But I wanted to show you the versatility in clothing. I don’t always buy new things for blog posts, and to be honest, I don’t always have the funds to do so, I got professional bills! But you can take certain items from your wardrobe and dress them differently! 

Black pants with a white stripe, white hi-lo shirt, snakeskin heels, black headband with pearls. More like what I actually wear to work! An effortless look can be dressed up with patterned shoes.


On Trend: White Boots

Alright, first and foremost, admit I’m going to admit that I was not into this trend when I first started to see it pop back up. I thought it looked kind of old school. You know, it brought me back to moments of white church shoes in my younger years. But the more I see it, the more into it I’m becoming. It is just like wearing a pop color with an all-black outfit or replacing nude with white, which works ultimately. I decided to try to challenge myself and see if I could create 3 looks featuring white boots. I can admit that sometimes I’m not sure of what to wear with certain things, and just like anyone perfecting their craft, I do research. I was actually very pleased with the outcome of these outfits, I’m kind of happy I decided to purchase these boots. The boots are from ASOS, they are currently sold out, but I found something similar that I’ll link below.

You know I have to add a tidbit of personal lessons learned in every blog post. What I learned from this particular situation is you don’t have to be afraid of a trend because you are unsure of what to wear it with. I think people believe that because I blog about fashion, I don’t need inspiration. We all gain knowledge through the same route, which is experience and sometimes research. I am not ashamed of admitting that sometimes I filter through Pinterest and see what inspires me, that’s okay! We aren’t born with knowledge, just the ability to learn. Be open to new knowledge and experiences, you might learn a few things. You know what I learned? That white boots can create a different look.

First: White boots paired with black leather pants and a sheer black shirt with black polka dots. I loved this look! I found that the white boots made me look taller, which isn’t a bad thing! All I would need is a cute clutch, and I’d be ready for a night out.

Second: White boots paired with…. I’m not sure what to call this pattern, maybe tie-dye? But its black and white, with puffed sleeves. The dress has POCKETS, always a plus, and a tie waist. I fell in love with the dress immediately. It’s excellent for all-weather, layer a jacket over it for the colder seasons, and pair it with sandals for the warmer seasons.

Third: White boots paired with leopard print skirt, white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Probably my favorite outfit in this post. The skirt is very slimming, it might have been a little thin for winter, but I don’t get that cold. The jacket added an extra layer of cute to this outfit, in my opinion, broke it up. By the way, y’all see I’m wearing skirts more, right? All 2020!

Sweaters and Skirts

Okay, so, it is 2020, and we are doing our best to make this year everything we want it to be! So, remember last year when I wore that gorgeous, white skirt from Target? One, the skirt was an absolute hit! Two, I fell in love with skirts and decided to purchase a lot more. I was afraid to wear skirts because I felt like my area of difficulty (tum-tum) was going to be highlighted even more. But when I wore the white skirt, I found that there were ways around it, and I was not going to eliminate an entire trend just because of my confidence. So, how I made skirts work for me is by either wearing a sweater with it or wearing a skirt with a pattern, pleating, or ruching to distract from the said problem Read More »

I Got 2020 Vision

Guys…it is almost the new year. It is nearly time to start seeing “new year, new me” on every Instagram post, Facebook status, Twitter tweet, and whatever other social platforms we use. People always say it but end up having the same year over and over and over again. I do not want that for me in 2020, and I am looking forward to creating, not a new Shanice, but a better one. Starting a new year means that you have a blank canvas to paint on and add to your collection. It doesn’t mean that you scrap the old painting and start all over. The start of a new year doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent yourself, you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. A new year should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a chance to become a new you. Carry all of the mistakes and lessons over and ensure that you make the changes necessary to create a better situation for yourself.Read More »

Long Story Short: I Look Like a Present

Christmas is literally on Wednesday, which means the end of the year is upon us, but we’ll talk about that another day! As we near the end of the year, I am going to be reflecting on certain things and just giving you guys a recap of this year. I am honestly looking forward to 2020 and what it holds for me. However, today, I am here to talk about this shirt that made me look like the cutest Christmas present ever. Also, about Christmas and what it means to me, but mostly the top.Read More »

Tips for Plus-Sized Ladies

When I first released my blog in July, I had no idea the kind of support or feedback I would receive. One of the most common comments that I received was that women never had someone to tell them or show them how to style their plus-sized bodies or what to wear in general. I understand and can sympathize, trust me! My body changes and has changed over the past few years, I had to learn to dress my body and know what’s right for me. So, I wanted to share my growing knowledge with you guys. Now I usually gear my posts toward plus-sized women, but this can go for any size woman or even men. Read More »