On Trend: White Boots

Alright, first and foremost, admit I’m going to admit that I was not into this trend when I first started to see it pop back up. I thought it looked kind of old school. You know, it brought me back to moments of white church shoes in my younger years. But the more I see it, the more into it I’m becoming. It is just like wearing a pop color with an all-black outfit or replacing nude with white, which works ultimately. I decided to try to challenge myself and see if I could create 3 looks featuring white boots. I can admit that sometimes I’m not sure of what to wear with certain things, and just like anyone perfecting their craft, I do research. I was actually very pleased with the outcome of these outfits, I’m kind of happy I decided to purchase these boots. The boots are from ASOS, they are currently sold out, but I found something similar that I’ll link below.

You know I have to add a tidbit of personal lessons learned in every blog post. What I learned from this particular situation is you don’t have to be afraid of a trend because you are unsure of what to wear it with. I think people believe that because I blog about fashion, I don’t need inspiration. We all gain knowledge through the same route, which is experience and sometimes research. I am not ashamed of admitting that sometimes I filter through Pinterest and see what inspires me, that’s okay! We aren’t born with knowledge, just the ability to learn. Be open to new knowledge and experiences, you might learn a few things. You know what I learned? That white boots can create a different look.

First: White boots paired with black leather pants and a sheer black shirt with black polka dots. I loved this look! I found that the white boots made me look taller, which isn’t a bad thing! All I would need is a cute clutch, and I’d be ready for a night out.

Second: White boots paired with…. I’m not sure what to call this pattern, maybe tie-dye? But its black and white, with puffed sleeves. The dress has POCKETS, always a plus, and a tie waist. I fell in love with the dress immediately. It’s excellent for all-weather, layer a jacket over it for the colder seasons, and pair it with sandals for the warmer seasons.

Third: White boots paired with leopard print skirt, white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Probably my favorite outfit in this post. The skirt is very slimming, it might have been a little thin for winter, but I don’t get that cold. The jacket added an extra layer of cute to this outfit, in my opinion, broke it up. By the way, y’all see I’m wearing skirts more, right? All 2020!

Sweaters and Skirts

Okay, so, it is 2020, and we are doing our best to make this year everything we want it to be! So, remember last year when I wore that gorgeous, white skirt from Target? One, the skirt was an absolute hit! Two, I fell in love with skirts and decided to purchase a lot more. I was afraid to wear skirts because I felt like my area of difficulty (tum-tum) was going to be highlighted even more. But when I wore the white skirt, I found that there were ways around it, and I was not going to eliminate an entire trend just because of my confidence. So, how I made skirts work for me is by either wearing a sweater with it or wearing a skirt with a pattern, pleating, or ruching to distract from the said problem area.

I decided to go with sweaters for this post because it is still very much winter outside. Since we are being honest all 2020 it was actually almost 70 degrees in Baltimore the day of this particular shoot and I was sweating bullets! But I digress. The sweater and skirt trend are kind of awesome in my opinion. As a person whose legs do not usually get cold, it works for me to wear them all year round. So, I can get away with wearing a skirt with a sweater and a jacket in the winter and then wearing cooler clothing and less layers in the warmer seasons. Skirts might actually be making my favorite item of clothing for the year; it is still a little too early to tell, though.

Star Printed Skirt: Paired with a white and black sweater and patent leather, silver-tipped booties. The only issue that I had with the skirt was that it kept riding up, I wanted it to sit in a particular area, and it just wouldn’t behave. Other than that, the skirt is fantastic and has a beautiful thick lining. Great for winter!

Black skirt with Side Split: Paired with a white sweater and over-the-knee black boots. This outfit was super cozy and comfortable. I recommend wearing seamless, skin-colored underwear as the skirt material is thin. The side split showed just enough leg to still be cute but warm at the same time. In the warmer months, I might pair it with a t-shirt and some sandals and be just as comfortable.

Pinstriped Navy and Dark Navy Skirt: Paired with a white sweater and blue booties. I recently wore this exact outfit to my friend’s graduation. Unfortunately, it was like 12 degrees, and I couldn’t get a good picture, but I wanted to wear it again for you guys! This skirt is quite comfortable and very versatile, in my opinion. The contrast of navies makes it really unique, and I’m excited to find ways to wear it during the warmer seasons.


New Year, New…What?

Happy New Year, Loves! We are in 2020, and that is extremely weird for me to say honestly. It feels like 2019 just flew by for me, and as ready as I am for 2020, I was not prepared for the year to speed on through like that. Last blog post, I did a recap of 2019. We talked about my accomplishments and what made 2019 such a big year for me. I’m going to talk about what’s coming for me, and what I am focusing on in 2020.

Plus-sized people! I am so proud of the confidence that I saw last year within this community. I know it’s hard and we don’t always have it easy, but I am proud of us as a whole. I want to make sure that 2020 solidifies the fact that all bodies are beautiful, and we can be accepted just the way we are. We can date who we want, dress how we want, be seen as much as we want, we don’t need anyone telling us we can’t. Keep that same energy all 2020 plus-sized community. A lot of companies (and people) were criticized for normalizing plus-sized bodies, and to me, that was just sad. How awesome would the world be if everyone could just be themselves and not feel like someone doesn’t like them because of their bodies, race, likes, and dislikes, etc.? Ladies be confident no matter what size you are. Wear that thing that they told you couldn’t wear! We are going to be wearing things and going OFF all 2020.

2020 is going to be the year of Shanice. I want to ensure that I am doing everything I can to reach my absolute full potential by the end of this year. Last year I sat back, and although I worked on bettering myself, I didn’t do much to implement the changes in my life. I did learn to put myself first, but I struggled through that. I am going to be sure that I do everything I can to protect myself and my peace. I was recently speaking to my mother about a situation that ruined my peace last year. We talked about the situation at length and decided that the best option was the most peaceful option. Sometimes protecting your peace means distancing yourself from people that you deem toxic, which could even mean family or friends. I am going to avoid anything that causes me any strife readily. That also means creating a stress-free environment for me, even self-inflicted stress, I am going to do better this year all around.

Within creating a stress-free life, I also need to be healthy. I’m not looking to lose any significant weight; my main goal is to be the best version of me! That means eating properly and being more physically active. I want to feel like my body is happy with me. Side note: how many plus-sized women have issues finding quality gym wear? Being healthy also means promoting excellent mental health. So, meditation and yoga will become part of my schedule.

2020 is also going to be about gaining more confidence. Last year, I started a confidence journey that I am very proud of! But this year, I would like to explore that more. That means posting pictures in the most unflattering body position, sitting down. I usually only post the most flattering of photos, but this year I’d like to show more of the pictures that don’t always make the cut. I also want to be in swimwear more this year as well as more form-fitting clothing. My confidence journey also includes more YouTube videos or IGTV videos. We’ll see which one works best for me. Writing has become more of an outlet for me, but I’m going to start talking again real soon! As for my blog, I’d like to discuss more in-depth things. I’ll be discussing some things that every plus-sized woman thinks and goes through. For example, where to shop for underwear, dating as a plus-sized woman, the most comfortable heels to wear, how to deal with body-shaming relatives and people, and so much more. All in all, I am VERY excited.

Long Story Short: I Look Like a Present

Christmas is literally on Wednesday, which means the end of the year is upon us, but we’ll talk about that another day! As we near the end of the year, I am going to be reflecting on certain things and just giving you guys a recap of this year. I am honestly looking forward to 2020 and what it holds for me. However, today, I am here to talk about this shirt that made me look like the cutest Christmas present ever. Also, about Christmas and what it means to me, but mostly the top.

As a child, Christmas was only a reason for getting more Barbie dolls and clothes. The kids in my family would wake up our parents and run downstairs to see who got what and what we would be playing with or wearing for the next few weeks. We would always have family visiting from all over, and there would be music and laughs in the house. My family, who can throw down in any kitchen, always made a fantastic meal, which made us gather in the best way. As I got older, Christmas became less of that, and I had a hard time understanding this. As an only child, I lived for moments where I could interact with most of my family. I still have those feelings, but now they are more fine-tuned. I want to gather with my family, not for presents are the notion of receiving something, but mostly to feel the togetherness that I crave with them. I absolutely adore my family, and every single person makes us who we are! I know that if you have children, especially young children, it is essential to make their Christmas special. But, never forget that the toys or objects that you give them are merely just that. In a few months, that toy will be under the bed covered in dust, but one thing will always remain: memories.

Now to this top! I found this top a few months ago on ASOS, I was just doing my daily browse. I rarely buy anything full price, but this was too cute to pass up. I literally look like a perfectly wrapped present (thank you, Janrose, for the bow). The material of the top is perfect for any holiday celebration and will honestly show a stop. I know you guys are going to come for me because I made an entire post about Thanksgiving outfits and did not wear any of them. But I MIGHT actually wear this top to Christmas dinner. I paired it with leather-looking pants and faux suede boots.

Side note: For dinner, I’ll probably wear jeans, to dress the top down a tad bit. I would also try tucking into a cute pleated skirt I’m feeling fancy. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Items like these become wardrobe staples and can be very versatile if tried.

Jackets…. But Make Them Different!

We’re still in Fall, correct? I mean, the weather outside has been, dare I say, frightful? It seems that winter is upon us, and with it comes this dreadful, freezing, cold weather. It’s cold enough to wear Ugg boots, but we still got a week, or two left to leave our jackets open so people can see the entire outfit. I’m not sure about you guys, but I get hot very quickly. So, for me, it’s almost always okay to leave your jacket open. Unless you have to be outside for an extended period of time, in which case you should probably bundle up and not wear any of the jackets I’m featuring below.Read More »

Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes

Guys! Did you know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? Probably not and that’s okay but now you know! I don’t just love the holiday for the large amounts of mac and cheese, but because it’s one of the holidays where everyone gathers and it’s not because they got a gift waiting. You see your family in one room, and everyone is extremely happy, laughing, and talking. You always see that one cousin that you don’t really talk to daily but when you get together it’s nothing but good vibes. The home that you go to smells like love and happiness. I just absolutely adore Thanksgiving. So, I thought it would be fitting to discuss Thanksgiving outfits. Now, everyone’s family is different. Some Thanksgiving dinners are super upscale, so you have to wear your absolute best clothing. Some are less upscale and because you live in the host home, you’re probably going to wear pajamas. My family is somewhere in between, we dress nice, but nobody is coming to dinner dripped in diamonds and pearls. We are comfortable classy, which is right up my alley. Read More »

Goodbye Spooky Season, Hello Cozy Season

The leaves on the trees are starting to change colors, it’s getting dark earlier, your car windows are foggy in the morning, you know what that sounds like? Sounds like Fall weather has finally hit us, and I couldn’t be happier! I am not a huge Halloween fan – I did, however, pass out candy this year (Yay, Adulting). But I am a huge Fall weather fan and will not hesitate to tell anyone and everyone. No more sweating while getting ready to go out, or sweating just by standing outside, or sweating just anywhere but the gym. I am looking forward to sitting outside with my fire pit lit and a nice cup of warm wine. I’ll have to say though – my favorite thing about Fall is SWEATERS! There is nothing like putting on your favorite sweater and enjoying the warmth that it gives you. You can dress sweaters up or down, it really doesn’t matter, they are extremely versatile. Sweaters are probably my favorite item of clothing. So, below I have 5 different outfits featuring some of my favorite sweaters from my wardrobe.Read More »