Chapter 27/Happy Birthday to Me!

Sometimes I sit and think about the life that I have created for myself. I look back on the times and experiences that have shaped me to be the person that I am today. I also look at the people around that have given me themselves and people who came into my life, left or were removed. Life is concise, unpredictable, funny, joyful, a mess, exciting, challenging, and forgiving all at once. I am so excited to be embarking on chapter 27 with the people that are currently in my life and with God consistently having my back. In essence, I have no fears entering this year.

When I was younger (let’s say 18-19), I assumed life began at 21. I wanted to be so far in life at 21. I wanted to be done with school, married with a child, and living my perfect life. I got a rude awakening at 24 when I was just barely finishing my bachelor’s degree. Life has a funny way of humbling you. I became slightly depressed and wanted so badly to know if I was ever going to find “the one.” At 25, I figured out that I couldn’t rush life and that I should probably enjoy life more before I decide to make such big decisions. I also realized that this isn’t a test run. You really only have one life to live, and you have to make the most of it. We don’t get a second chance to use all that we have learned to make better decisions the second time around, there isn’t a second time around. I’m going to share with you the life lessons that I have learned thus far.

  • Never take a quiet moment for granted. There were moments when I realized that there was no one around for me to talk to. All the people I usually spoke to were busy, and I had to fend for myself. In those quiet moments, I learned more about me than I ever have. I was able to center myself and learned to be okay with the silence.  
  • Do WHATEVER makes you the happiest, even if that means hurting someone else. Now I’m not saying to go out and harm people or yourself. But sometimes there sacrifice in doing what makes you the happiest will hurt people. Consider feelings and act with care, but in the end, you should be most pleased. 
  • Do not rush ANYTHING, and not everything has to be on social media. Enjoying the moment and slowly moving through those said moments is super important. Enjoying each age and giving each experience the time and attention that it deserves is too important. If you’re at a concert, recording the whole show for social media DON’T! Turn the phones off, put the devices down, and just enjoy it. Don’t rush through life, I promise things will happen when they are supposed to, and that makes it even more special. 
  • Communicate EVERYTHING. I am still learning this life lesson, and I have seen what it can do when done correctly. It is so important to speak about feelings and emotions before they snowball into a more significant issue. Often times, I will avoid an awkward conversation. But after a while, I realized that I was stressing myself out twice. Not worth it, just talk about it when you feel it! 
  • Go after every single one of your dreams. I waited a long time to start my blog. But that was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I get to share my story, thoughts, experience, and fashion with all of you. I have many more dreams and goals that I want to accomplish this year, and I am so excited. I have never shied away from living my most extraordinary life, and every dream that I dreamt will 100% come true.


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