Springtime Happiness

Hey Loves! I know we are not really dressing up to go outside right now, but I wanted to keep the energy light with a few springtime outfits this week. I went through my closet (and some packages that I got recently) and decided to choose the outfits or items that made me feel happy. Spring is upon us, and it is definitely starting to feel like April. It’s always raining, but the wind has been borderline disrespectful. Even though we can’t spend a lot of time outside, there is no reason we can’t pretend.

The best way that I can describe spring fashion is happy. We are done with the dark colors from the winter. We shed our heavy coats, scarves, and gloves for denim jacket (shameless previous blog post plug), lighter fabrics, dresses, and bright colors. Spring is honestly my favorite fashion season, it’s my favorite season in general and not because my birthday is in spring. Spring is starting over and breathing new life into yourself and your wardrobe. I decided to show you guys how I do spring!

Crinkle jumpsuit in color “stone” paired with blue-grey caged sandals. I was told this outfit was a very wine festival, and now I’m ready for outside to open so that I can wear this. It’s perfect for spring, the favorite is loose and light. The color is muted but can be paired with almost any color shoe. Jumpsuits are perfect for spring, especially ones like this or in a spring-type print. The beauty in wearing a jumpsuit is that it is already a complete outfit.

Floral mini dress paired with fuchsia heeled sandals. Perfect spring pattern: a mix between stripes and floral print. Although the length of this dress is a tad bit short, the colors and sleeve length are perfect. This dress has been in my closet for many years now. Which brings me to my next spring tip, wear as many dresses as possible. Maxi/midi dresses are perfect for spring weather. Pair your pretty dresses with some equally gorgeous shoes and some pastel or earth tone jewelry for a stunning spring look.

Pink floral bodysuit with distressed mom jeans and fuchsia heeled sandals. Another excellent spring pattern. Honestly, I am in love with pinks and neutral colors this year. I have a lot of dark colors in my wardrobe, and I believe it is time for a different color palette. You guys have seen these jeans so many times, but they are a staple in my wardrobe for every season. Grab a floral top, your favorite jeans, and jazz it up with a colorful pair of shoes. You can transform items in your wardrobe to whatever season necessary; it’s all about how you wear it.

Before I let you guys go, I just want to say that we are all experiencing some sort of struggle right now. We have moments of weaknesses where our mind is in a state of unrest, or we can’t relax. Normal life has ceased as we know it, and it’s pretty terrifying. Stay strong loves and be prepared for so many changes after this is all over. We all have a duty to ourselves to make sure that we are staying positive in times of adversity. We will have to resume normalcy in a new way, and that is semi-exciting. Remember, I’m here for anyone who needs to talk. You are not alone. You would be surprised at how many people are going through similar things.


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