Springtime Favorite: Denim Jackets

Loves, my ultimate and favorite outerwear to wear in the Spring, are denim jackets. You can dress them up, dress them down, throw one on over sweats to go run your errands (quickly). I have a whole closet section for denim jackets, I’ve just been dying to wear them! I’ll probably start wearing them to the living room, to be honest. Also, denim jackets do not have to be expensive to look stylish. You can thrift a great denim jacket and style it up or buy one from almost anywhere. I recently gave a denim jacket to one of my closest friends, and she decided to paint her logo onto it, which is extra dope. They aren’t just for women either, men look great in denim jackets! It’s all about how you wear it and expressing yourself.

The easiest and probably most common denim jacket look is; denim jacket, white-t-shirt, black pants, any color shoe. Literally, this is the most natural and most effortless way to style a denim jacket. Anybody can pull it off, and it requires items you probably already have in your closet. The hardest look to pull off, in my humblest of humble opinions, is a denim on denim look. If the colors of denim (SO MANY CHOICES) are off, then the whole look can be one for the books – in the wrong way. But I will say there is no wrong way to wear a denim jacket. You can literally do anything with it even and look great.

Before I get to how I wear my denim jackets, consider this your weekly quarantine check-in. I have been attempting to do everything I can to stay sane. It is quite tricky. It’s almost like living in a nightmare that continuously gets worst. Sometimes I struggle to turn those negative times into positives. I’m living in a lot of regrets at this moment. I am regretting not experiencing more life, not spending more time outside of my home, not being “young” and spontaneous. I had just started to coordinate monthly “frates” with a friend. I spent a lot of time talking myself out things, but it’s different when you don’t have the option to go out. I hope and pray that the day will come where we can all be outside again and have no worries about getting infected or anything else for that matter. I am discovering myself a lot during this time and have ordered a yoga mat to continue the love that I felt the first time I did yoga. I know we are all struggling, but try to find as many positives as you can. Reset your life and rediscover you and what makes you, YOU. If you are quarantined with a significant other, rediscover each other. If you are isolated with family, try to understand each other and communicate. If you are isolated with your kids, spend time with them. When “normal” life resumes, don’t forget these moments. They are important. On to the jackets!

Jacket One: Medium washed denim jacket paired with loose polka dot dress and color block sandals. This is an effortless look; I threw on the shoes for a bit of color and was utterly happy with this look. I usually don’t wear tight clothing, so I felt very comfortable in this dress. Once outside opens, I’ll be glad to wear this dress solo with a more flat pair of sandals.

Jacket Two: Bleach wash denim jacket paired with plaid mini-skirt, white graphic t-shirt, and black booties. I have had this since Black Friday, and I have been waiting to show you guys. When I saw where the jacket fell on my body, I thought this would be the perfect outfit. I feel like this is a kinda casual outfit, I would probably wear it on a casual night out, maybe to a bar. Pairing lights and darks give your outfit a lot of dimensions and create an awesome break-up.

Jacket Three: The piece de resistance. Light washed denim jacket, with raw hem and FRINGE paired with distressed black jeans, black booties, black corset. Listen, honey, I saw this jacket on the Fashion To Figure website and bought it almost immediately, I didn’t want it to go out of stock! Anyone who knows me knows that this jacket screams Shanice. I love it! Instead of going crazy with the pairings, I decided to keep it somewhat muted. The jacket is already a lot. I find myself dressing like that quite often, one statement piece to complete any outfit.


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