I’m Still a T-shirt and Jeans Kinda Girl!

T-shirts are just as important to me as jeans. Jeans are staples in my wardrobe, but t-shirts are my most comfortable wardrobe items. People who see me in real life know that my wardrobe is all about comfort. I will only sacrifice comfort in times of dire outfit necessity. It is appropriate to wear a dress with sneakers at times, but not every time. So, in that case, I’ll sacrifice comfort. But otherwise, I rarely do. Thus, t-shirts are at an extreme level in my clothing collection. I am always on the hunt for a great slogan shirt, especially on that will help promote a business. I’m also still on the hunt for band t-shirts. Not a big “band” person but I like the look of those shirts. I get my shirts from all over, but there is nothing like the great fit of men’s t-shirts. Women’s t-shirts are often cut to fit a woman’s curves, and while I am grateful for even having those options, I prefer the fit of men’s t-shirts.

My challenge this week was to create 3 different outfits with some of my favorite t-shirts. Usually, I wear my t-shirts with jeans and sneakers or Uggs in the winter, but I wanted to show that you can make a t-shirt versatile. You guys know I am BIG on trying to showcase that you don’t have to shop extensively to look great. Go through your closet and drawers and revamp things that you haven’t worn in a while. In this case, the only recent purchase was the boots in the last outfit. Everything else was purchased months ago, or I’ve worn in before. Like I said before, I got real bills, and I cannot always afford to go buy the newest releases. I find it imperative to create beautiful and fashionable looks without spending an arm and a leg. In the future, I would like to do a blog post about my shopping process.

Black Slogan T-shirt paired with houndstooth flared pants and leather jacket. These pants, though, right? I have loved these pants ever since I saw them a few months ago on Nasty Gal. I actually ordered the suit, but I’m saving the jacket for another day. Pairing a regular t-shirt with something so extra can be amazing! I think the t-shirt gave the pants a little dress down moment, whereas a blouse could’ve made it look super dressed up.

White slogan t-shirt paired with leopard print skirt, blue booties, and denim jacket. Okay, so, Nasty Gal has become one of my favorites. The clothes are affordable, adorable, and super trendy. I got this denim jacket (with pockets!) for almost $10 and the skirt for nearly $26. The pants from the above outfit were nearly $20! Anyway, this outfit was again super comfortable. I chose to knot the shirt right above my waist as opposed to tucking in it because I always tuck my shirts in!

White slogan t-shirt with distressed jeans, pink and black mixed print wrap dress, and black booties. I actually wore this outfit to lunch with some friends right after this shoot. The shoes, although very cute, aren’t the most comfortable items. There is literally no support, so I will need to insert some for it to be comfortable. The idea of making the wrap dress into an almost duster jacket was inspired by another blogger whose name escapes me at this moment. But adding a fun little cardigan or duster if the weather is permitting, can upgrade any t-shirt. Throwing on some (hopefully comfortable) heels is another excellent way to pump up a t-shirt based outfit.


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