On Trend: White Boots

Alright, first and foremost, admit I’m going to admit that I was not into this trend when I first started to see it pop back up. I thought it looked kind of old school. You know, it brought me back to moments of white church shoes in my younger years. But the more I see it, the more into it I’m becoming. It is just like wearing a pop color with an all-black outfit or replacing nude with white, which works ultimately. I decided to try to challenge myself and see if I could create 3 looks featuring white boots. I can admit that sometimes I’m not sure of what to wear with certain things, and just like anyone perfecting their craft, I do research. I was actually very pleased with the outcome of these outfits, I’m kind of happy I decided to purchase these boots. The boots are from ASOS, they are currently sold out, but I found something similar that I’ll link below.

You know I have to add a tidbit of personal lessons learned in every blog post. What I learned from this particular situation is you don’t have to be afraid of a trend because you are unsure of what to wear it with. I think people believe that because I blog about fashion, I don’t need inspiration. We all gain knowledge through the same route, which is experience and sometimes research. I am not ashamed of admitting that sometimes I filter through Pinterest and see what inspires me, that’s okay! We aren’t born with knowledge, just the ability to learn. Be open to new knowledge and experiences, you might learn a few things. You know what I learned? That white boots can create a different look.

First: White boots paired with black leather pants and a sheer black shirt with black polka dots. I loved this look! I found that the white boots made me look taller, which isn’t a bad thing! All I would need is a cute clutch, and I’d be ready for a night out.

Second: White boots paired with…. I’m not sure what to call this pattern, maybe tie-dye? But its black and white, with puffed sleeves. The dress has POCKETS, always a plus, and a tie waist. I fell in love with the dress immediately. It’s excellent for all-weather, layer a jacket over it for the colder seasons, and pair it with sandals for the warmer seasons.

Third: White boots paired with leopard print skirt, white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Probably my favorite outfit in this post. The skirt is very slimming, it might have been a little thin for winter, but I don’t get that cold. The jacket added an extra layer of cute to this outfit, in my opinion, broke it up. By the way, y’all see I’m wearing skirts more, right? All 2020!


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