Sweaters and Skirts

Okay, so, it is 2020, and we are doing our best to make this year everything we want it to be! So, remember last year when I wore that gorgeous, white skirt from Target? One, the skirt was an absolute hit! Two, I fell in love with skirts and decided to purchase a lot more. I was afraid to wear skirts because I felt like my area of difficulty (tum-tum) was going to be highlighted even more. But when I wore the white skirt, I found that there were ways around it, and I was not going to eliminate an entire trend just because of my confidence. So, how I made skirts work for me is by either wearing a sweater with it or wearing a skirt with a pattern, pleating, or ruching to distract from the said problem area.

I decided to go with sweaters for this post because it is still very much winter outside. Since we are being honest all 2020 it was actually almost 70 degrees in Baltimore the day of this particular shoot and I was sweating bullets! But I digress. The sweater and skirt trend are kind of awesome in my opinion. As a person whose legs do not usually get cold, it works for me to wear them all year round. So, I can get away with wearing a skirt with a sweater and a jacket in the winter and then wearing cooler clothing and less layers in the warmer seasons. Skirts might actually be making my favorite item of clothing for the year; it is still a little too early to tell, though.

Star Printed Skirt: Paired with a white and black sweater and patent leather, silver-tipped booties. The only issue that I had with the skirt was that it kept riding up, I wanted it to sit in a particular area, and it just wouldn’t behave. Other than that, the skirt is fantastic and has a beautiful thick lining. Great for winter!

Black skirt with Side Split: Paired with a white sweater and over-the-knee black boots. This outfit was super cozy and comfortable. I recommend wearing seamless, skin-colored underwear as the skirt material is thin. The side split showed just enough leg to still be cute but warm at the same time. In the warmer months, I might pair it with a t-shirt and some sandals and be just as comfortable.

Pinstriped Navy and Dark Navy Skirt: Paired with a white sweater and blue booties. I recently wore this exact outfit to my friend’s graduation. Unfortunately, it was like 12 degrees, and I couldn’t get a good picture, but I wanted to wear it again for you guys! This skirt is quite comfortable and very versatile, in my opinion. The contrast of navies makes it really unique, and I’m excited to find ways to wear it during the warmer seasons.


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