New Year, New…What?

Happy New Year, Loves! We are in 2020, and that is extremely weird for me to say honestly. It feels like 2019 just flew by for me, and as ready as I am for 2020, I was not prepared for the year to speed on through like that. Last blog post, I did a recap of 2019. We talked about my accomplishments and what made 2019 such a big year for me. I’m going to talk about what’s coming for me, and what I am focusing on in 2020.

Plus-sized people! I am so proud of the confidence that I saw last year within this community. I know it’s hard and we don’t always have it easy, but I am proud of us as a whole. I want to make sure that 2020 solidifies the fact that all bodies are beautiful, and we can be accepted just the way we are. We can date who we want, dress how we want, be seen as much as we want, we don’t need anyone telling us we can’t. Keep that same energy all 2020 plus-sized community. A lot of companies (and people) were criticized for normalizing plus-sized bodies, and to me, that was just sad. How awesome would the world be if everyone could just be themselves and not feel like someone doesn’t like them because of their bodies, race, likes, and dislikes, etc.? Ladies be confident no matter what size you are. Wear that thing that they told you couldn’t wear! We are going to be wearing things and going OFF all 2020.

2020 is going to be the year of Shanice. I want to ensure that I am doing everything I can to reach my absolute full potential by the end of this year. Last year I sat back, and although I worked on bettering myself, I didn’t do much to implement the changes in my life. I did learn to put myself first, but I struggled through that. I am going to be sure that I do everything I can to protect myself and my peace. I was recently speaking to my mother about a situation that ruined my peace last year. We talked about the situation at length and decided that the best option was the most peaceful option. Sometimes protecting your peace means distancing yourself from people that you deem toxic, which could even mean family or friends. I am going to avoid anything that causes me any strife readily. That also means creating a stress-free environment for me, even self-inflicted stress, I am going to do better this year all around.

Within creating a stress-free life, I also need to be healthy. I’m not looking to lose any significant weight; my main goal is to be the best version of me! That means eating properly and being more physically active. I want to feel like my body is happy with me. Side note: how many plus-sized women have issues finding quality gym wear? Being healthy also means promoting excellent mental health. So, meditation and yoga will become part of my schedule.

2020 is also going to be about gaining more confidence. Last year, I started a confidence journey that I am very proud of! But this year, I would like to explore that more. That means posting pictures in the most unflattering body position, sitting down. I usually only post the most flattering of photos, but this year I’d like to show more of the pictures that don’t always make the cut. I also want to be in swimwear more this year as well as more form-fitting clothing. My confidence journey also includes more YouTube videos or IGTV videos. We’ll see which one works best for me. Writing has become more of an outlet for me, but I’m going to start talking again real soon! As for my blog, I’d like to discuss more in-depth things. I’ll be discussing some things that every plus-sized woman thinks and goes through. For example, where to shop for underwear, dating as a plus-sized woman, the most comfortable heels to wear, how to deal with body-shaming relatives and people, and so much more. All in all, I am VERY excited.

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