I Got 2020 Vision

Guys…it is almost the new year. It is nearly time to start seeing “new year, new me” on every Instagram post, Facebook status, Twitter tweet, and whatever other social platforms we use. People always say it but end up having the same year over and over and over again. I do not want that for me in 2020, and I am looking forward to creating, not a new Shanice, but a better one. Starting a new year means that you have a blank canvas to paint on and add to your collection. It doesn’t mean that you scrap the old painting and start all over. The start of a new year doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent yourself, you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. A new year should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a chance to become a new you. Carry all of the mistakes and lessons over and ensure that you make the changes necessary to create a better situation for yourself.

The most powerful thing that I learned in 2019 is that sometimes you have to put yourself first. I believe I’ve said this before, but if you are not 100%, you can’t give people anything. If you are at 50% and you decide that you’re going to do something for someone that will take up 25% and then do something else that takes up another 10% and then another 15%, you will end up with absolutely nothing. You will end up feeling bogged down and overwhelmed, so it’s super important to put yourself and your well-being first. I am the queen of saying yes to everything that is asked of me, regardless of it will cause me stress or not. I have a strong need to please everyone around me and make sure that I always see smiling faces. I take it very personally when I cannot finish all my tasks, or if I have to disappoint someone, it literally hurts me. So instead of saying no, I say yes, and 9 times out of 10, I cause stress to myself. In 2020 I will continue the trend of putting myself first, and I want to see what it does for my mental health.

As much as I have learned to put myself first, I’ve also learned that asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak. I try to do everything myself and because of that sometimes I struggle. I had to learn and I’m still learning to ask for what I need, which is help. I also have to learn to ask for the right kind of help.

2019 also gave me some fantastic moments that I am oh so proud of. My blog happens to be the most amazing part of 2019. I had been talking about starting a blog for a long time, and to see all of those dreams come to fruition was heartwarming. I also got into Grad school in 2019, which almost didn’t happen because I forgot the application due date and submitted the form the last day! 2019 also showed me that friends come and go, but family is constant. I made friends, I reconnected with friends, lost some friends, gained more friends, and everything in between that. I learned not to take everything so personal, not everyone is going to like you or put the effort in that you do. Understanding this will allow for more growth.

As we are closing out 2019, I’d like to share with you guys my favorite outfits of the year.

5. Boyfriend shirt, boyfriend jeans, Platform Fenty Pumas.

4. White skirt, off-white sweater, pink heels

3. Green pants, cream sweater, snakeskin heels

2. Full tan suit

1. Colorful faux fur jacket, boyfriend jeans, nude heels

Closing out 2019 is going to feel like a great chapter coming to an end. This year has been full of surprises. I feel myself growing up and getting older, I am honestly just happy and grateful. God has created a path for me that can be touched by no one, I am excited and ready for what 2020 has to offer. I want to thank everyone that has supported me in every way they can this year. You guys have no idea what you mean to me, and I hope you feel irreplaceable because you are. I plan on creating better content, more YouTube videos, and more conversation pieces. I’m ready, y’all!


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