Jackets…. But Make Them Different!

We’re still in Fall, correct? I mean, the weather outside has been, dare I say, frightful? It seems that winter is upon us, and with it comes this dreadful, freezing, cold weather. It’s cold enough to wear Ugg boots, but we still got a week, or two left to leave our jackets open so people can see the entire outfit. I’m not sure about you guys, but I get hot very quickly. So, for me, it’s almost always okay to leave your jacket open. Unless you have to be outside for an extended period of time, in which case you should probably bundle up and not wear any of the jackets I’m featuring below.

In my recent online shopping travels, I discovered that jackets are becoming more and more stylish. They aren’t just your usual run-of-the-mill colors and styles. They have cropped jackets, long jackets, moto-jackets, dusters, trench coats, and I even saw a green snakeskin trench coat. Talk about innovation. In the spirit of finding amazing jackets, I decided to feature the newest jacket to my clothing repertoire and an oldie but a goodie.

Eloquii Cropped Faux Fur Coat: Paired with distressed boyfriend jeans, white camisole, and studded heels: This jacket was such an exciting buy for me, but I had to have it! I was told that it looks like I killed the Muppets and put them on a jacket, but you know what, it’s personal style, and I loved it! The coat is a lot warmer than it looks, I was actually sweating a little bit in 40-degree weather. It does have hook-and-eyelet clasps, so if you would like to close it, that’s an option. There are also functioning POCKETS, which are so crucial to women. When I wore the jacket, I felt that I stood out a lot, and I’m not usually one to call attention to myself. I wear a lot of muted colors and patterns, and I’m perfectly okay with not being seen as much. Wearing this jacket was almost like asking for attention, and for me, that was BIG. Style is an expression of your personality without having to say anything at all, and I think this jacket displayed me very well. Soft with just a little flare.

ASOS CURVE Dark Floral Jacquard Kimono Jacket: Paired with distressed black jeans, white camisole, and pink pumps. Yes, these are the same pink shoes from a few posts ago that murdered my feet. Style hurts sometimes loves! I purchased this jacket in for birthday in 2018, so this thing is sold out all the way. I do not wear it often as I am afraid to ruin it, but I am now and always will be in love with this thing. It’s a lot heavier than it looks and can be worn as a dress if that’s your style. The armpit area is cut open, which is bomb for me so I can get some ventilation when I’m too hot. A lot more muted that than the jacket before, but just as cute and just as “Shanice.” I can’t post this without mentioning that these jeans are from Torrid, and they are amazing. They hold everything together and fit like a glove. I looked and felt great in these jeans, and I will be back, Torrid!


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