On Trend: Sequins

One of my absolute favorite trends this year is sequins. Who doesn’t love a sparkly outfit or a nice sparkly outfit? Sequins are very versatile and depending on the outfit or the formality of the event sequins can upgrade your look. Literally, there are sequins everywhere and I am just enamored with including sequins in my outfits. I especially like the cool ones that change color when you brush it up or down. If you open any website right now, you’ll see one of two things, plaid/flannel or sequins.

To my plus-sized beauties, do not be afraid of sequins. There are so many people who have so many things to say about what a plus-sized girl can wear, do not listen to them. I’m on a mission to debunk every single “myth” about what I can wear on my body. Sequins are just another way to express your style. We don’t have to stick to black, loose-fitting clothing. We can wear sequins and attract all the attention, that’s okay! Be adventurous in your clothes because clothes are how you show your personality without speaking.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve purchased some things that are different for me and some things that needed to be added to my wardrobe as a staple. This whole outfit falls under the category of different! Why is it so different? 1. I do not wear skirts. 2. I do not like anything form-fitting, I’ve gotten good at hiding my problem areas. 3. I don’t usually wear bodysuits. 4. Did I mention form-fitting already? I put this outfit on and felt very confident. There are some things about my body I cannot hide but I can be very tasteful in selection. The whole outfit was amazing, and I cannot wait to wear the pieces again separately! Challenging myself to wear things that scare me is very big in my book, this is only the start of a massively large list. I will say this though, I am proud of me! What are you afraid of wearing? Are you into sequins or not? Let’s talk!


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