Goodbye Spooky Season, Hello Cozy Season

The leaves on the trees are starting to change colors, it’s getting dark earlier, your car windows are foggy in the morning, you know what that sounds like? Sounds like Fall weather has finally hit us, and I couldn’t be happier! I am not a huge Halloween fan – I did, however, pass out candy this year (Yay, Adulting). But I am a huge Fall weather fan and will not hesitate to tell anyone and everyone. No more sweating while getting ready to go out, or sweating just by standing outside, or sweating just anywhere but the gym. I am looking forward to sitting outside with my fire pit lit and a nice cup of warm wine. I’ll have to say though – my favorite thing about Fall is SWEATERS! There is nothing like putting on your favorite sweater and enjoying the warmth that it gives you. You can dress sweaters up or down, it really doesn’t matter, they are extremely versatile. Sweaters are probably my favorite item of clothing. So, below I have 5 different outfits featuring some of my favorite sweaters from my wardrobe.

First: Cute fuzzy, white sweater with three gold buttons. Paired with leather pants, burgundy booties, and a black tank top. Love this sweater, I purchased it last year to wear to Thanksgiving dinner and it’s still one of my absolute favorites. It also looks great with boyfriend jeans!

Second: Cream batwing sweater. Paired with overalls and Dr. Martens. This outfit was so effortlessly cute and so ready for Fall weather. Giving myself some 90s vibes.

Third: Green sweater with large white polka dots. Paired with my absolute favorite boyfriend jeans and green New Balances. You guys know I had to throw in a super casual moment. I don’t even have to explain how comfortable this outfit was.

Fourth: Thin striped black and white, cropped sweater. Paired with flared jeans and black chunky heels that you guys won’t see because of how long the jeans are. I told you in my previous blog that I would be wearing these pants again, and here they are. Also, I’d like to mention that this is my first time wearing anything cropped and exposing my tum-tum outside of my home, besides the obvious swimsuit. I was completely comfortable (these pants do their job honey!) and I felt very confident.

Fifth: Cream, cap-sleeved, mock-neck sweater (sort of cropped). Paired with green “jogger” type pants and snakeskin platform heels. Probably my favorite outfit out of the bunch. Perfect for a date night look where you don’t want to go overboard or maybe a semi-casual event.


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