My New Favorite Sweater x3

So, you’ve all seen me do this before! I pick an item of clothing and develop three different looks. This sweater is probably my favorite purchase this season. It’s a gorgeous neutral color and a very pretty shape. Kudos to the Target brand A New Day for always coming with the goodness. The sweater is very soft and creates a sort of “oversized” look, which is absolutely bomb. If you’re like me, you don’t always want something form-fitting. It is also EXTREMELY budget friendly with a price point of only $24.99.

Side note: the reason I enjoy dressing pieces of my closet in multiple ways is to show you guys that you don’t have to centralize pieces of your wardrobe to one outfit. I get it, some pieces only go with one type of pant or maybe a specific shoe and you just had to have it. But as a girl who is always looking for a bargain and trying to save a few coins, I must find different ways to make one item look amazing. In the future, I plan on doing more posts like these to help my readers and followers. Hopefully, I will inspire someone to try something new with items they already own.

First: Featured sweater with faux leather pants and snakeskin printed, pointed-toe booties. I’m just going to tell you all, I got these boots for $38! The original price was $89.99, DSW is/was having a 25% off booties sale and I also had a coupon that took off $20! Now that’s a bargain. The look is ready for a night out on the town in this beautiful Fall weather, perhaps a date, or some sort of event that requires an elevated casual look.

Second: Yes, I am wearing a skirt and if you know me well enough – I do not wear skirts often or at all. This skirt was a little bit of a scary purchase for me. I don’t like skirts especially flowy ones, they usually do not sit well on my body. But I honestly tried this on and was very happy with the fit and feel. The skirt is pleated and white, I couldn’t find the link for it, but I found something similar that I’ll link below. This outfit can be worn just about anywhere, a Fall brunch, or if you wear dressier outfits to work – this would be a great option. I also opted to tuck the sweater in just a tad to create some definition. I found these super cute shoes from Marshalls that were on sale for $24. Another side note: the shoes were gorgeous with the outfit but INCREDIBLY uncomfortable! They are Jessica Simpson’s brand FYI.

Third: I dress down more often than I dress up. So, I decided to do a casual option. These wine-colored pants are from Old Navy and are super-duper old. The shoes, however, are slightly newer and I got them from Target. I’m into mixing textures and subtle prints these days so I decided to try this together and fell in love. The oversized-ness of the sweater brought this look down just enough to look casual but not sloppy.


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