Men’s Clothes but Make it Feminine

Ladies, have you ever tried shopping in the men’s section? If you’re in a relationship, have you ever stolen his favorite button-down, t-shirt, or how about a hoodie? I know it’s a weird concept to accept but wearing men’s clothing isn’t so bad. I also promise that you will not look weird shopping in the men’s section. I’m sure people assume that you are shopping for any male in your life. They don’t have to know that you’re going to rock that with a cute little waist belt and heels. Let’s be real, women’s clothing is made to accentuate the curves of a woman. Sometimes we do not want to accentuate them, that’s why we have so many hoodies. Recently, loose fashion has become more popular, but in the past, it was more common for women to wear more form-fitted clothing. If a woman had on loose clothing, they would be dubbed a “tom-boy”. Fashion has taken a turn and being a “tom-boy” is becoming more common and fashionable. A perfect example of someone who slays tom-boy fashion is Billie Eilish. She has made dressing like in tom-boyish clothing her modus operandi. Other celebrities include people like Missy Elliot, SZA, and even Rihanna at a time. I guess a better label for the style would be “androgynous” instead of a tomboy.

I am in no way androgynous, but I do enjoy dressing up (or down) men’s clothing items. So today for you guys I have three examples of boyfriend type shirts, all in button-down style and how I styled them.

1st: Just a really casual outfit, something I would wear to work on casual Friday. Dark denim button-down shirt with black jeans and brown boots. Want a good boyfriend-style top? Old Navy is your absolute best friend. They literally have a shirt that is named “boyfriend shirt” and it’s in the woman’s section. Thank you, Old Navy!

2nd: Let’s dress up that boyfriend shirt and throw some heels on too! Mint and white striped style shirt with white distressed jeans and yellow heels. You guys have probably seen these heels so many times, but I promise you they are my favorite. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, everything doesn’t have to match from head to toe. Side note: Something funny happened while I was wearing these jeans and I’m going to explain it on my Instagram.

3rd: My absolute favorite outfit for the entire day! This was comfortable, urban, and just amazing. The top is a little long and loose, but I adored this top and will probably be wearing this outfit again, no shame in my game. Flannel button-down top with distressed boyfriend jeans (sticking with the theme here) and platform Fenty Pumas.


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