How Blogging Improved…Everything!

When I decided I wanted to start blogging it was roughly a year before when I actually started blogging. I had so many stipulations in my mind, which made me stop myself from continuing my dreams. I told myself that the plus-sized blogging market was already so saturated that my opinion or my views wouldn’t really matter. But I decided to start blogging anyway and I am so happy that I did. Because of blogging my life has improved, and I am so much happier with the quality of it.

Blogging for me is not only a way to showcase my style but to express my feelings and be 100% myself. I enjoy speaking with my audience, no matter how small it is to others. Blogging has improved my confidence 10-fold. Before becoming a blogger, I never posted pictures, especially full-body pictures. I never wanted to be that vulnerable to people or give someone the chance to comment negative things under my pictures. I also never tried anything new or went anywhere new. Blogging brought me to new places and new experiences, which I am so grateful for. I’ve done yoga (once, but I plan on doing it again), I’ve been to different events and met some amazing people, tasted some awesome food and ice cream, figured out new ways to style items in my wardrobe, and so much more. Blogging opened doors for me and brought me out of my shell just a tad. I’m a really shy person, which is hard to believe I know. But I am very, very shy especially when it comes to meeting new people. People usually don’t get the real Shanice unless they’ve known me for a while. I’m still working on becoming a better networker, but I am slightly more open when meeting new people. My blog is a conversation starter and something that I am incredibly proud of.

Speaking of styling items, blogging allowed me to wear a ton of different things. Do you know a person who buys clothes and never wears them? Like they will say “Oh my gosh, I know exactly where I’m going to wear this to,” and the outfit collects dust in the back of their closet? That’s me. I always swore I would wear something or create an event in my head that justified me buying that item, but I would never wear it. Blogging has made me wear everything I buy and also be more price-conscious. In the past, I was reckless with my shopping habits (work in progress but I am getting better), which means I just bought anything and everything and never returned ANYTHING. Now, I don’t do that. I have to purchase things that I know I am going to wear and most likely when I buy clothing items it’s for the blog or work. I also continue to try to remain as cost-effective as possible. So, if I have something in my wardrobe that can be worn or that I haven’t worn as of yet, I will most likely find a way to incorporate it into my blog posts. For example, that striped jumpsuit, that I featured in my post from a few weeks ago, was purchased late last year and never worn. So, before I purchase anything, I look in my closet first.

Blogging has also helped me connect with people from all around the world and more importantly the people that are closest to me. My friends and family have been able to get a little more Shanice. They have been incredibly supportive and always offer feedback in a friendly way. I honestly get emotional when I get a message from one of my readers saying that they can relate to me or are inspired by me. So, to everyone who has read my posts and have been loyal since the beginning, I thank you so much. Honestly, it means the world to me. Stay tuned, I PROMISE there are so many things in store for me and I can’t wait to take you all along for the ride.


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