The Return of Bell Bottoms (or Flared Pants)

This week was very exciting for me. One, I got to attend an event that featured some amazing women entrepreneurs. Two, I got to wear my all-time favorite denim purchase. Before I talk about these fantastic pants, I’m going to talk a little bit about the event and its importance.

My hairstylist (Shaddah Elyse) is someone that I admire wholeheartedly. She’s a beautiful person and the only person I trust to cut and color my hair. I’ve also been a loyal client for about 5 years. So, when I heard she was throwing an event to showcase the clothing in her boutique, I thought it would be a good idea to attend and be supportive. The event not only showcased her clothing, but it gathered women entrepreneurs from Baltimore and allowed them a moment to be seen and heard as well. The event got treated as a networking event and I was able to see that Baltimore, as small as it is, has some great businesses ran by some awesome women. Not to harp on the fact that they were all women, but to know that we can dominate and be successful in business as much as men can is important. There was a woman who painted and designed custom clothing, a chef, a wine expert, and even a DJ. Everyone down to the owner of the event space (KSM Candle Co.) was a woman. I appreciated my hairstylist for throwing the event and am looking forward to finding more events like that one. Hopefully, in the future, I will host and event for the curvy/plus-sized girls!

Now, on to these pants. Honey! When I saw these pants on the Eloquii website a few months ago I just about passed out. They are so stylish and different, and I had to have them. But I was on a budget and couldn’t exactly buy them just yet. I can be honest about my spending habits, I’m a real girl with real girl bills, that are REAL. So, I decided to wait. Waiting was a good option and I was able to find a coupon. Best. Purchase. Thus. Far. They fit great, they feel great, they suction at the right area, and the flare is more of a bell-bottom flare hybrid. Can you say, love? I will be wearing these pants again very soon and I will be doing another blog post showing you guys the many ways to wear these pants. But for now, look below to see how I wore these pants to the Shop Androgyny Experience.



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