Let’s Celebrate the End of Summer with…Dresses!

Are you excited for fall? Are you already mourning the end of summer? This summer was amazing for me and a lot happened that changed my point of view on life. On July 21, 2019, I started my blog and that has opened so many doors for me. My confidence has skyrocketed and so has my overall happiness. I’ve learned new things about style and fashion, and I am so excited for the new season. I also applied, got accepted, and started grad school at UMBC. I started trying new things and in turn, started enjoying life even more. So, to commemorate the summer I decided to put on some of my favorite white dresses to symbolize understanding, spirituality, protection, and perfection. And since Fall starts tomorrow, I figured this would be the perfect way to end a great summer.

White dress with black polka dots, worn with Tory Burch sandals. I got this dress from Target sometime last year and never wore it because I was self-conscious about my body, especially with the opening above my stomach. BUT I felt great in it and was really happy I put it on.

White floral dress from Boohoo with burgundy booties. This dress was also purchased quite some time ago and I always thought it was too short to wear. Another great dress that I felt great in and had to ask myself, “why haven’t you worn this before?”

White long-sleeved dress from ASOS, with clear wedges from Public Desire. This dress is a little newer to the family but easily one of my favorites. And the shoes, honey gorgeous!

How did you guys end your summer?


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