The Mall? I think I’ll pass.

Picture this: it’s a regular Saturday and you’re sitting at home, bored, watching Transformers for the 100th time. You’re text messaging one of your best friends (who happens to not be a plus-sized woman) and she asks you to go shopping with her at the local mall. Now as a plus-sized woman, you start to worry just a tad. You’re probably thinking “Oh my God, I’m not going to find anything at the mall. There aren’t any stores that carry my size”. So instead, you decided not to go to the mall and continue watching Transformers.

How many of you have experienced that scenario? How many times have you gone to the mall or a store and poked around the racks looking for your size? I know EXACTLY how that feels and it is probably one of the worst slaps to your self-esteem ever. For years, I have avoided the mall. I was always under the pretense that there was nothing there for me, except shoes and maybe a piece of jewelry. Instead of shopping at the mall, I opted for shopping online or Target. So this week I decided to go to Columbia Mall and seek out stores that sell more inclusive clothing items. Check out what I found below! Also, if you would like to know where I shop online, let me know!

First up: Torrid. I love Torrid, but sweetie it is a little expensive for such a casual brand. They have great bras, wonderful activewear, and amazing swimsuits. I have only bought a few items from Torrid and the quality is fantastic, which is why I assume the price is so high. Torrid can be found in most malls! Which for my plus-sized babies is a Godsend.

Second: American Eagle. Did you know their jeans go up to a size 24? Yeah, neither did I! The JEANS, are such good quality and they stretch hardcore! Unfortunately, the tops only go up to XXL but the jeans, are worth going into the store for.

Third: Forever 21. In this mall, there was no plus-sized section. BUT, I do know for a fact that other malls feature a plus-sized section. I’m not going to say much about Forever 21 here because I plan on doing a haul video shortly.

Fourth: The Loft. They now feature from size 00-26! I went in the store and was pleasantly surprised that it was incredibly easy to find my size and all other sizes. The clothing is of great quality and very cute!

Fifth: Anthropologie. I did not get to go into the store because it was closed. BUT, they do have plenty of stores that now feature plus-sized clothing up to a 3x. I cannot wait to buy my first Anthropologie item! All the clothing is beautiful and very earthy.

All in all, plus size ladies you don’t have to be deathly afraid of the mall anymore. Some stores are now being more inclusive, I know we are a far way from the end of the race, but we’re getting there. You will be able to find some things and it’s definitely worth the trip, being able to try things on. Also Target! All the brands at Target feature plus sizes and they also have Ava & Viv which is a solely plus-sized brand.


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