Mission: 1 Pair of Overalls, 4 Different Outfits

Did you ever think that overalls would come back in style with such a vengeance? I, for one, did not. But, honestly, I’m not complaining. Let’s be real, overalls are just a fancy pair of jeans with additional suspenders and an adorable little front pocket. But, there are so many ways to style overalls. You can wear them any way you want, dress them up or down just throw on a t-shirt and a cute pair of sneakers. I couldn’t resist joining the party and showing you all how I style my pair of overalls.

We’re going to jump right into the looks but let me just give you a quick explanation of the overalls (even though you’ll see them in a minute). I bought them in the earlier parts of the summer, maybe even late spring. They are Torrid brand and I purchased them in a size up so that I could get the slightly oversized look that I wanted. They are EXTREMELY stretchy and are made of a sort of heavier denim. All the pockets are functional and the buttons on the side are actual buttons. All right, now you know! Moving on.

1st outfit: I told you to throw on a t-shirt and a cute pair of sneakers earlier because that is exactly what I did. Also, if you know me personally you know why I love these shoes. You could do any sort of sneaker that you like. You could even do a pair of Converses (foreshadowing). But by adding a pop of color, you are showing off your personality and honestly, a little color never hurt anyone.

2nd outfit: Look guys, a classic pair of Converses, I told ya! I decided to keep the casual theme going by just changing the shoes and adding a flannel shirt around my waist. You could wear the flannel over the t-shirt, but it’s still very much summer outside – that might be an Autumn look.

3rd outfit: Hello colors! This outfit is probably my favorite of the four. So much color, so much fun. I know, it’s a little hot for sweaters but I wanted to showcase something that could transcend into a Fall look. The sweater is sort of lightweight and paired almost perfectly with the bright sneakers. I probably will recreate this look in the Fall, with a cream sweater and Dr. Martens.

4th outfit: This outfit got a lot of compliments while I walked through the Museum. Overalls but make it…dressy! I added this dramatic peasant top and some floral heels to dress those overalls up.

In conclusion, you don’t need a lot of clothes to look different or show off your personality. This 1 piece was able to be worn in so many ways, and each outfit was different and had its flare. All of my friends and family are going to call me out for my excessive shopping so I won’t say you don’t have to spend money to look “different”. I am learning to use what I have in my closet to create looks and I think I’m doing okay! How would you wear your overalls?

Side note, in an effort to wear clothing that I already have some of the items, are sold out or are years old. So I’ll link what I could find below. Also, LaidBy_Nae on Instagram did these fabulous faux locs, Check her out!


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