Shorts? Why not!

So last week we had a conversation about confidence right? And it got just a tad bit deep but you guys had such a wonderful response to that message, I thank you so much! But this week it’s going to be a little less…deep. Let’s talk about shorts! If you’re like me, shorts have been the one item of clothing that you shy away from. But in the past few weeks, I’ve worn shorts in several different ways and have honestly enjoyed it. My legs are, for lack of better words, thick and I usually like to wear Bermuda shorts or just pants to cover them. But my confidence journey taught me that my legs are perfectly fine and I should be more comfortable showing them off, in a tasteful way. And I heard it was hot girl summer, so I wanted to contribute. I decided to go to my favorite Target (yes they are all different, don’t judge me) and look at their selection. I ended up finding two pair of shorts that I was comfortable with.

So for the first outfit, I paired these dark denim distressed shorts with a long light pink shirt and Fenty platform Pumas. So let me tell you, this outfit was so comfortable. Since this was my first time wearing shorts in a quite a long time, I decided to wear a shirt that was long. The shirt came down to the back of my knees but the sides were slit and the front was open so I was also able to show a little leg. For my height challenged babies, wearing a platform sneaker is always a really great option if you want some height without a heel. Also…who doesn’t love a good Rita’s run on a hot summer’s day?

The second outfit for me is just absolutely my favorite outfit this summer. I went to Artscape with a really good friend, this was my first time going, and I had a great time. I also decided to attend Artscape when the temperature was over 100 degrees, which was a massive mistake but the show must go on! I paired these light wash denim shorts with a black bodysuit, a sheer floral embroidered “dress” , and organge flats. This is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever been in shorts. I felt beautiful and not completely exposed. I am also going to showoff some pictures of my hair and my makeup – which was super light.

My advice to those who would like to wear shorts and are a little nervous about showing off their legs, try wearing a longer shirt or a even a button down dress that you leave open. You could also pair the shorts with a sheer cover up like I did above and below. It’ll give you a little coverage if you aren’t ready to show off your gorgeous legs. Also, for my ladies or even fellas with thicker legs, I suggest using Megababe Thigh Rescue to prevent that awful chaffing. It’s about $15 and can be found in Ulta, Target, and on the Megababe website.


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