On Trend: Sequins

One of my absolute favorite trends this year is sequins. Who doesn’t love a sparkly outfit or a nice sparkly outfit? Sequins are very versatile and depending on the outfit or the formality of the event sequins can upgrade your look. Literally, there are sequins everywhere and I am just enamored with including sequins in my outfits. I especially like the cool ones that change color when you brush it up or down. If you open any website right now, you’ll see one of two things, plaid/flannel or sequins.

To my plus-sized beauties, do not be afraid of sequins. There are so many people who have so many things to say about what a plus-sized girl can wear, do not listen to them. I’m on a mission to debunk every single “myth” about what I can wear on my body. Sequins are just another way to express your style. We don’t have to stick to black, loose-fitting clothing. We can wear sequins and attract all the attention, that’s okay! Be adventurous in your clothes because clothes are how you show your personality without speaking.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve purchased some things that are different for me and some things that needed to be added to my wardrobe as a staple. This whole outfit falls under the category of different! Why is it so different? 1. I do not wear skirts. 2. I do not like anything form-fitting, I’ve gotten good at hiding my problem areas. 3. I don’t usually wear bodysuits. 4. Did I mention form-fitting already? I put this outfit on and felt very confident. There are some things about my body I cannot hide but I can be very tasteful in selection. The whole outfit was amazing, and I cannot wait to wear the pieces again separately! Challenging myself to wear things that scare me is very big in my book, this is only the start of a massively large list. I will say this though, I am proud of me! What are you afraid of wearing? Are you into sequins or not? Let’s talk!


Goodbye Spooky Season, Hello Cozy Season

The leaves on the trees are starting to change colors, it’s getting dark earlier, your car windows are foggy in the morning, you know what that sounds like? Sounds like Fall weather has finally hit us, and I couldn’t be happier! I am not a huge Halloween fan – I did, however, pass out candy this year (Yay, Adulting). But I am a huge Fall weather fan and will not hesitate to tell anyone and everyone. No more sweating while getting ready to go out, or sweating just by standing outside, or sweating just anywhere but the gym. I am looking forward to sitting outside with my fire pit lit and a nice cup of warm wine. I’ll have to say though – my favorite thing about Fall is SWEATERS! There is nothing like putting on your favorite sweater and enjoying the warmth that it gives you. You can dress sweaters up or down, it really doesn’t matter, they are extremely versatile. Sweaters are probably my favorite item of clothing. So, below I have 5 different outfits featuring some of my favorite sweaters from my wardrobe.

First: Cute fuzzy, white sweater with three gold buttons. Paired with leather pants, burgundy booties, and a black tank top. Love this sweater, I purchased it last year to wear to Thanksgiving dinner and it’s still one of my absolute favorites. It also looks great with boyfriend jeans!

Second: Cream batwing sweater. Paired with overalls and Dr. Martens. This outfit was so effortlessly cute and so ready for Fall weather. Giving myself some 90s vibes.

Third: Green sweater with large white polka dots. Paired with my absolute favorite boyfriend jeans and green New Balances. You guys know I had to throw in a super casual moment. I don’t even have to explain how comfortable this outfit was.

Fourth: Thin striped black and white, cropped sweater. Paired with flared jeans and black chunky heels that you guys won’t see because of how long the jeans are. I told you in my previous blog that I would be wearing these pants again, and here they are. Also, I’d like to mention that this is my first time wearing anything cropped and exposing my tum-tum outside of my home, besides the obvious swimsuit. I was completely comfortable (these pants do their job honey!) and I felt very confident.

Fifth: Cream, cap-sleeved, mock-neck sweater (sort of cropped). Paired with green “jogger” type pants and snakeskin platform heels. Probably my favorite outfit out of the bunch. Perfect for a date night look where you don’t want to go overboard or maybe a semi-casual event.



I wanted to come to you guys on a more personal note this week. I know some of you are probably like “girl, where are the clothes”, but I wanted to take a different route. Let’s talk about self-love. Self-love is important to every single person so, this post isn’t geared towards my usual audience, it’s for everyone. I hope by the end of this, you all find ways to progress in your self-love journey. Disclaimer: I’m not writing this post to brag about how great I am at loving myself because, to be honest, I suck at it sometimes. But I enjoy making my blog posts conversation pieces and if I learn something or feel strongly about something then I feel the need to share it with you all.

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My New Favorite Sweater x3

So, you’ve all seen me do this before! I pick an item of clothing and develop three different looks. This sweater is probably my favorite purchase this season. It’s a gorgeous neutral color and a very pretty shape. Kudos to the Target brand A New Day for always coming with the goodness. The sweater is very soft and creates a sort of “oversized” look, which is absolutely bomb. If you’re like me, you don’t always want something form-fitting. It is also EXTREMELY budget friendly with a price point of only $24.99.

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Men’s Clothes but Make it Feminine

Ladies, have you ever tried shopping in the men’s section? If you’re in a relationship, have you ever stolen his favorite button-down, t-shirt, or how about a hoodie? I know it’s a weird concept to accept but wearing men’s clothing isn’t so bad. I also promise that you will not look weird shopping in the men’s section. I’m sure people assume that you are shopping for any male in your life. They don’t have to know that you’re going to rock that with a cute little waist belt and heels. Let’s be real, women’s clothing is made to accentuate the curves of a woman. Sometimes we do not want to accentuate them, that’s why we have so many hoodies. Recently, loose fashion has become more popular, but in the past, it was more common for women to wear more form-fitted clothing. If a woman had on loose clothing, they would be dubbed a “tom-boy”. Fashion has taken a turn and being a “tom-boy” is becoming more common and fashionable. A perfect example of someone who slays tom-boy fashion is Billie Eilish. She has made dressing like in tom-boyish clothing her modus operandi. Other celebrities include people like Missy Elliot, SZA, and even Rihanna at a time. I guess a better label for the style would be “androgynous” instead of a tomboy.

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How Blogging Improved…Everything!

When I decided I wanted to start blogging it was roughly a year before when I actually started blogging. I had so many stipulations in my mind, which made me stop myself from continuing my dreams. I told myself that the plus-sized blogging market was already so saturated that my opinion or my views wouldn’t really matter. But I decided to start blogging anyway and I am so happy that I did. Because of blogging my life has improved, and I am so much happier with the quality of it.

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